Taking pictures in Sudan

image of the photography course by Gabriele Donati image of the photography course by Gabriele Donati image of the photography course by Gabriele Donati image of the photography course by Gabriele Donati image of the photography course by Gabriele Donati image of the photography course by Gabriele Donati image of the photography course by Gabriele Donati
About This Project

Raise your hand if you don’t have a camera. Then, what about taking pictures in Sudan?

When we leave for a scuba diving trip, more and more we feel the need to capture amazing images in order to view them later, and surprise our family and friends.

This is even more so when during the trip you can experience special encounters such as in the Sudanese Red Sea. It is therefore an excellent idea to have a photographer next to you, who can play the role of the guide where photography is concerned, and reveal tips and tricks to get the best photographic results.

Why not, then?

The idea came about during some brainstorming among the Don Questo Team.

The Don Questo offers periodically a cruise at the standard price but with a professional photographer available on board. The photographer can undertake guided photography lessons or simply just give tips to help you improve, and take better underwater pictures..

And this is how Don Questo organized a photographic cruise with the photographer Gabriele Donati in 2012 and how the first scuba diving photography course held completely among the amazing reefs of the Sudanese Red Sea evolved.

DQT: “Let’s ask Gabriele how he managed to have the guests on board simply enjoy their holiday and at the same time being motivated to take good pictures underwater.”

“It is different from the course and workshop that I usually hold over a weekend; on board the Don Questo I have an entire week to present the course. This means that lectures can be given in a more leisurely manner. This is much more relaxing and pleasant for the participants.

The logistics on board makes planning easier. The large spaces available on the ship provide the option for those who are not interested in following the lectures to enjoy the trip without distraction.”

DQT: Please, Gabriele, explain to us how you organized the day on board.

GD: “Of course I had to first consider that the guests are on holiday: they have to enjoy their cruise. For this reason I am adapting to their everyday needs.

The theory lecture takes place in the evening, after dinner.

It lasts about one hour. I explain some concepts and techniques, and suggest tricks and secrets to take better pictures.

During the day I am at the complete disposal of all those who have questions to ask e.g.something about their own camera, information about some photo editing software and so on.

We have a long period of time on board; in this way even beginners manage to start taking reasonable pictures, or better understand some basic photography techniques.”

DQT: “We have noticed from the pictures of the week on board that there are scuba divers using reflex cameras, while others use compact ones…”

GD: “Of course, that is no problem at all.

There are some rules and techniques that we apply to underwater photography which are applicable to all camera models.”

So why not consider a scuba diving trip with a specialisation in underwater photography?

It is an opportunity you might consider and exploit… it does not cost a cent more than the usual cruise.

No better way, in Gabriele and ours’ opinion, to understand how underwater photography really works and how to improve your skills than doing this in an amazing environment, on site in the Sudanese Red Sea.



Gabriele Donati and Don Questo Team