Credits for underwater pictures and videos

We thank the following photographers, who gave us the possibility to include their amazing underwater pictures and external shots in our website.
The pictures have a credit on them, but we summarize herewith the names of the photographers:

  • Joshua Barton
  • Maurizio Chiarenza
  • Michael Christ
  • Stefano Colombari
  • Pavel Bohonek
  • Thomas Kotouc
  • Alena Talafusova
  • Jean Tran
  • Francesco Turano
  • Arne Van Leuvenhaege
  • Sara Valla
  • Christoph Weber

It is NOT ALLOWED to take images from the web site without any consent from us and from the authors, who have only granted permission to Don Questo for their images to be included in this web site.

We thank our guests and friends Tim and Erica Sarney for their invaluable help in checking the texts in English.


We also credit Marcel Steuermann (marinevideo.eu) for the professional videos he made for Don Questo.