Personalized DQ t-shirts for groups

Personalized DQ t-shirts for groups

It is not necessary for you to look around for t-shirts if you need or want to create a personalized t-shirt for your group when you organize your cruise on board of Don Questo. Now you can do that directly online, thanks to our adventurous t-shirts, Don Questo Apparel,  by personalizing them by your brand and dates.

Just surf to Thousestore, Don Questo Area, and choose how many t-shirts you want to buy. How can you do that? It is simple and you do not have to get mad about it.

The back side will be personalized with one print in one colour (group name or logo and dates).The minimum order in your chart, in order to take advantage of the offer is 10 t-shirts (you will have to select the sizes for all group components).

And that’s not all. As an alternative, if you ask for it, at T-House they will send a graphic proposal and a simulation. All this is included in the price .Once you bought the t-shirts, you will receive confirmation e-mail by them, in order to define the personalization details, as for example the graphic file update.

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