Reuse Reduce Recycle in Sudan on Don Questo

Reuse Reduce Recycle bottle

Reuse Reduce Recycle in Sudan on Don Questo

Coming on board starting from this season you will discover what it means for us Reuse Reduce Recycle by our brand new  DQ Reuse Reduce Recycle aluminium bottles.

Reuse and Reduce

We no longer want to use plastic bottles on board so from this season our guests are given an aluminium bottle as a gift, when they come on board; they can use it during the whole cruise and further take it at home and REUSE it again.

In this way we do not have to throw big amounts of plastic bottles away after each cruise… we REDUCE the plastic amount that is thrown away by live aboards… and we are sure that the creatures living underwater in the Sudanese Red Sea are happier about it.

On the bottle you also find a QR code that points to a page on our web site where you find information on our environment-friendly projects and where we will put statistics on the estimated amount of plastic we spared by this initiative. You can also buy bottles for your friends as they are not only environment friendly and useful, people also like them and use them for their hiking and trekking once at home.


When you are fed up with our bottle or it is old and worn… you can throw it away together with cans, as aluminium can be RECYCLED and then… you are given another one once you come back on board.

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