“Vento d’Africa”: photographic book

“Vento d’Africa”: photographic book

Andrea Muratore has published a photographic book, whose title is “Vento d’Africa“. He has given us the opportunity to publish a couple of stories from it on our web site: two interesting ones, as they are about the “Deep South Cruise” and about “Suakin“.

The stories are in Italian and you can find them here, in the italian section of our web site.

Who is Andrea Muratore? He was born in Torino in 1963. He has always been passionate about traveling and photography; he has worked in the Italian and International touristic field for 20 years and has spent long periods abroad in Maldives, Kenya, North Africa. He worked as Dive Master in Hurghada and on  diving boats, and he managed a scuba diving center in Sharm autil 1999. He is one of the partners of Don Questo since 1995.

He is being active as a volunteer for years, he was active in fund raising for italiana onlus operating in Africa and in spending periods as  assistant in an Attivo da sempre nel volontariato, raccolta fondi per onlus italiane che operano in africa, periodi di assistenza orphanage in Kenya

You can find and buy online his photographic book, Vento d’Africa.


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