The evolution of Shark Stanley

Shark Stanley
About This Project

You might remember Shark Stanley… in 2012 Don Questo Team decided to help Shark Stanley, a charismatic little hammerhead traveling the world to help protect sharks and rays, to protect himself  and his friends.

Don Questo Team was collaborating with Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies on this Shark Conservation Campaign they are running in conjunction with Shark Savers and the Pew Environment Group for the lead-up to CITES.

We received a lot of pictures of our guests with Sharky and sent them to Sharkdefenders as partner of the campaign and w e published them in a Facebook album

We are very glad to read about Shark Stanley evolution, and to know that the campaign ended with the successful listings of manta rays, hammerheads, porbeagles, and oceanic whitetips on CITES Appendix II.

An illustrated book has been published on line (and is readable below or downloadable):

The Adventures of Shark Stanley and Friends follows Stan — a courageous hammerhead shark — and his three companions, Pierre the Porbeagle, Waqi the Whitetip, and Manta Reina, as they navigate human perils through their undersea home. The quartet dodges longlines, harpoons, slime-covered reefs, and garbage patches, along the way discovering how sharks and other predators help keep ecosystems healthy.

Source of infos: Sharkdefenders